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tammio: but I saw my friends get in the booth to vote today Mar 15, 2017 23:03:57 GMT
tammio: what is it with nuclear weapons and classical music? I mean watch a video on nuclear explosions and the only fitting music really is classicaly stuff. Like the Reciem Lacrimosa by Mozart. Mar 18, 2017 23:56:52 GMT
tammio: don't get me wrong usally I'm all for (punk) rock but I think if nuclear weoons being deployed had any kind of theme-music in real life it'd be Classic Mar 18, 2017 23:58:21 GMT
TheGraveKnight: What about the 1812 Overture? Mar 19, 2017 6:15:13 GMT
Le_Duc: It's because a nuclear weapon, when you see it from far away, is relatively slow, a speedy rhythm wouldn't fit Mar 19, 2017 7:01:21 GMT
Le_Duc: And maybe also because classic fits very well with shear power xD Mar 19, 2017 7:02:10 GMT
tammio: Yea I mean imagine a nuclear weapon goes of to Life is Life? Just wouldn't fit the mood would it Mar 19, 2017 11:03:11 GMT
RoboTranic: what happened to discord Mar 20, 2017 18:59:06 GMT
Omicron: technical difficulties Mar 20, 2017 20:08:05 GMT
Omicron: it's up again btw Mar 20, 2017 20:08:10 GMT
serialkiller: I hope the British users are safe right now Mar 22, 2017 18:35:10 GMT
TheGraveKnight: Why? Mar 22, 2017 18:54:41 GMT
Immortal_Dragon: I'm surprised you haven't heard about what happened in front of the Parliament building GraveKnight. Mar 22, 2017 19:00:53 GMT
TheGraveKnight: I tend not to look that stuff up. The last I need is one of my paranoia panic attacks Mar 22, 2017 19:03:17 GMT
Immortal_Dragon: Probably best you don't then in that case. Mar 22, 2017 19:04:10 GMT
TheGraveKnight: Just because I want to know, is something terrorist related? Mar 22, 2017 19:06:03 GMT
TheGraveKnight: Never mind, I looked it up. Mar 22, 2017 19:10:02 GMT
Le_Duc: Don't worry ^^ Mar 22, 2017 19:12:11 GMT
Le_Duc: It's dangerous to go in this world alone, take this good news : Mar 22, 2017 19:13:20 GMT
TheGraveKnight: I'm not sure whether this makes me feel better or worse Mar 22, 2017 19:30:58 GMT